Insider’s Guide to Fashion Trends

Unless you’ve gone to school for fashion or worked in the industry you may not know about these websites. I’ve put together a short list of some of my favorite sites for trends. Each one provides a unique report on trends in fashion, beauty and more! Oh and even better they’re all completely free publications. Check them out below and let me know what you think. 



Check out a variety of different fashion trends

Women’s Wear Daily is one of my favorite places to browse the latest trends in fashion, beauty, business, runway shows in a HUGE and free collection of articles. While they do have a paid subscription option through their website you can look through a ton of on-trend content. Oh and they constantly add new content.



This site has an entire section on diversity within the fashion industry

I recently discovered this one and I’m already obsessed. How many fashion sites have a section all about industry diversity on size, race, gender and age?? Not many. There are also tips on fashion and beauty as well as articles on the latest news and celeb fashion. For industry trends, this is one you need to check out.



Checking this trend report out each season is a must

If you’ve heard of the Pantone color of the year or even the Pantone + Sephora makeup collections, you know how important this one is. Pantone’s reports are huge in the fashion industry, they even dictate and predict what the biggest trends in colors are going to be. Check out every’s seasons “Fashion Color Trend Report” for an insider’s look into color trends.


Thanks for checking out my quick guide to insider’s information on fashion trends, hope you enjoyed! -BB


Poshmark: How I’ve Made over $500 Selling My Old Clothes

I will start with saying I have made over $500 selling my old fashions online. Sure that is over a decent period of time, but it has been with very little effort. While I have sold on items on several different platforms, Poshmark is great for beginners. Here’s a few reasons why I like Poshmark…

1. It’s basically a social media for selling your clothing. People can share, comment and like your items. You can also follow people who have similar tastes as yourself. It’s honestly one of the “more fun” ways to sell online.

2. All you really need to do is list your item and wait for it to sell. Recieve notifications when someone asks a question, makes an offer, or buys from you.

3. Shipping can be confusing. On Poshmark it’s basically taken care of for you. Who should pay for Shipping? How much should you charge for shipping? It can get complicated. Poshmark takes care of many of these questions. The buyer pays for the item shipping included, you print off the pre-paid label, stick it on a box and drop it off at UPS with no questions asked.

Check it out at the link below ⬇️

If you sign up use my code ERIEX07 to get $5 off your first order! Stay tuned for more upcoming blog posts that dive into further detail on selling online & how to sell on Poshmark. Thanks for reading


Earning Amazon Giftcards just by Walking Down the Street? There’s an App for that.

Yep, you read that right, earn FREE Amazon giftcards from walking around and snapping a few photos. The app I’m referring to is “Job Spotters” created by Indeed. It’s free, easy to use, and legit. I’ve earned over $50, easily. 🤑

Follow these steps to get started…

1. Download the app, create a username and you’re ready to begin!

2. Whether you’re walking around a mall, strip of stores, or simply taking a stroll downtown, chances are you will see some sort of hiring sign in the window. Simply click under “Submit Photos” and take a picture of any sign you see that says hiring, now accepting applications, etc.

3. Next, take a picture of the storefront. Make sure its clear, includes the store name visible somewhere, and has no pedestrians in view.

4. Submit each set of pictures and sart earning up to $1.50 for each one that is approved. The amount depends on the store, etc. (Smaller business earn you more than larger corporations).

5. Earn even more by clicking under “Verify” where you can go through other users submitted pictures.

6. Cash out any amount and get it in the form of an e-giftcard to spend as you please right on Amazon!

Check it out below ⬇️

Contact me with any questions or let me know how you like the app, happy spotting! 👋